About Us

The Young Initiative For Africa (YIFA) is a movement of young Africans who are on assignment to change Africa by changing the way people think. For centuries, our continent Africa has been in gross darkness that such acronyms as Dark Continent, Under-developed world and 3rd-world has been used to describe us. Our continent has become synonymous with hunger, poverty, shame and reproach, unemployment, fetish practices, lack of development, illiteracy, war and crisis of all kinds etc. We realize that change begins from the inside to the outside. What is in a man’s heart determines his actions and eventually what he becomes. So, to change Africa, we realize the urgent need to change the way Africans see and perceive things. If we see right, we think right and we act right and then, Africa will become right.


Our vision is to release the excellence, beauty and potential of Africa by shining the light of God through the initiative of young regenerated minds. We are thus on a mission to raise a new generation of world changers, who will initiate the change that Africa needs to release these potentials.  There is something in you that Africa needs to become what it is created to be. What do you have to offer, a gift, talent, an idea, a vision, an inspiration, a story etc that will help us accomplish the above mission? YIFA is the platform that you need. 


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