Initiator’s Coner

Dear Africa,

 Welcome to the year 2014. The vision to initiate change in Africa came as a result of prayers for God to show us the solution to Africa’s gross underdevelopment and darkness. As you are aware, the continent remains underdeveloped and in gross darkness whilst the rest of the world progresses. And even with the growing number of churches and religion bodies in Africa, evil and falsehood are multiplying daily and there appears not to be a lot of impact. The people that have gone ahead of us did not make provision to prepare the youths morally, spiritually, intellectually, financially and emotionally to face the challenges of the future – and the youths are the custodians of tomorrow. The result is crisis in most nations of Africa, political experiments based on falsehood, poverty, unemployment,  mediocrity, rise in crime and self destructive habits such as immorality, smoking, alcoholism and drug use and lack of direction in life to mention but a few.


It became obvious that we in Africa are the way we are, not because of lack of opportunities, since God has graciously blessed the continent, rather, people have developed a stereotype mindset over the centuries that are anti-progress, anti-development and anti-greatness. For Africa to move forward, this long held mindsets have to be changed.


America they say was built on dreams. The builders of America were also very spiritual people, who believed in God and so received enormous revelations and visions that they ran with and made America what it has become today. They were not great preachers but regular Christians like us, who made impact in their various endavours. The time to look outward for help is over for Africa because the people we are looking up also need help. So, it is time to look upward to God from where our help comes and inward into our hearts where God has deposited solutions.


God is a God of purpose. He has therefore equipped everyone He brings into the world with one talent/gifting to impact their world and make a difference. Many people end up living their lives without discovering their purpose for being born and die unfulfilled. Some discover it but never have the platform to express or pursue it. Some need a little push to exploit what God has deposited in them in order to make a difference.


Agreeably, most young people want to make a difference. We don’t want to be counted as part of the number that just existed and died. Hence, YIFA is the platform for us to make that difference, in which ever of the above category we find ourselves. So, we invite all African youths to join us and make this difference.



Dear African Brother

It is with great love that I write to you, trusting and believing you are fine. First, I thank God for the

opportunity to talk to you using this piece of writing.

I don’t think we have met before, but I have seen you in one way or another. Maybe in the street, at the

market, metro, name them all. Every time I see you, I see my mother land, Africa, in disguise. Do you

know, that, you could be the only African someone will ever interact with in their life? What do I mean?

I mean you alone, could be used to make a general remark regarding Africa.

Our continent, our mama Africa, has already been painted black, but both you and I know that it is only

one side of the story. Africa is great, with great countries, people and personalities. And, WE(YOU AND I)

are the personalities.

So how are we representing Africa? What conclusion will someone make about Africa after they watch

us? Will there be some light in the dark side of the story, or will it even darken what they already have in

mind about us? It hurts me to the core of my heart, to see a helpless drunk African man by the street. It

hurts me, to see any black fellow fighting by the roadside, or just aimless about the city. I ask myself;

• what do we live for?

• Why are we here?

• Is there anyone back at home/Africa looking up to us? What are we giving them back in return?

Will they be happy if they had an idea of what kind of life we are living?

• what do we have to show for our life? What will we be remembered for when our time is out?

• Is this the best life we can live?

As Africans in a foreign country, we are the ambassadors of our continent. It doesn’t matter where we

are, what we do. Why don’t we choose to be the best we can wherever we are and change the image

of Africa? If it is in the market for instance, be the best. Let those selling around you see a difference in

you. Challenge those around you that they will want to be like you. When you do that, our mama Africa

is getting another image, a better one. Wherever you are, let the world know who Africa really is, and

who Africans are. Don’t be the reason every African will be painted a dark name, rather choose to be the

reason very African will be praised and be highly valued.

Drinking and all the worldly pleasures will come to pass, what will you have to show for the life you

have lived? Will you have made a difference in anyone’s life? Will you be a grace or disgrace to your

creator? family? your country? Your continent? And how about yourself? Are you content with the

life you are living? What are you doing about it?

Take your time. Think about it. It is never too late to be the best we can be. And all of us, created in the

image and likeness of God, have the ability to make this world a better place, we all have the potential

of greatness. It is in us, untapped, but the decision is ours to make, whether to awaken the greatness

and beauty in us, or to let it slowly die inside us. The bottom line is, only those who make the decision to

change, make a difference. LET IT BE YOU,MY DEAREST BROTHER.






The Two Ways To Use Your Time

Though we all like to think of ourselves as immortal, the truth is that our time on Earth is finite—and precious. So it’s important to use it wisely and there are only two ways to use your time: Spend it or Invest it.

Spending Your Time
Spending your time is essentially the same as spending money. You have a limited amount of money and you spend it to fill various needs and desires. Once you use up the money, it’s no longer available for buying something else.

The same is true of your time. When you choose to devote an hour to something that doesn’t advance your life’s goals, you’ve spent that time. It’s no longer yours to use; and there’s nothing you can do to get it back. You weighed your options as to what you could do with your time, and you chose to spend it on an activity that didn’t help you become who you want to be.

Investing Your Time
Investing money typically means putting your assets into stocks, real estate, and other areas that—you hope—will pay off in the long term. Similarly, investing time means focusing on activities that—you hope—will reap meaningful rewards, both as you’re doing them and down the road. Quite simply, this is focusing your time on realizing your hopes and dreams.

Keep a journal, use an app, buy a stopwatch… do whatever you need to do in order to gain control of how your time is used. Bottom line — invest as much of it as humanly possible.”

Excerpt by Steve Olsher



The End

Seasons come, seasons go; and so does life; it comes and goes
But before life goes, So much happens I suppose
At least each one has had several, if not a dose
Of what life comes with, most of which we expose
And of course ,Some, we never disclose
Not to mention all life’s woes

Sometimes we choose ourselves to bind
We ignore the spirit, and accept to be led by the mind
Closing our eyes to reality, pretending to be blind
Then hurt, blame, when the truth we find
That we knew what was right, but just declined
And regrets follow, when all we can do is nothing, but leave it behind.

I know not much about love
But I can tell you of His love, Him that is above
A love, so true, as pure as a dove.
Whether or not you give me a shove
His love for me is unconditional, it covers me as if with a glove
Love me or not, you cant change it, God Has me in His treasure trove

Oh darling, why do you have to cry?
She left? He ignored or hurt you? Is that why the sigh?
Take it easy love, don’t you know you can look up to the sky?
It is not easy you say, I agree; but have you given it a try?
Well, just leave it to Him who has the answers to any why
And He will wipe away your tears dry.
Learn His principles love, and don’t forget to apply!

You don’t drown in the pond, after swimming in an ocean!
And if that happens to you my love, I advice you check your motion
I believe in change of levels, at least work for a promotion
My friend, in life, never settle for demotion
God forbid! I mean that is not your potion
Trust Him, do not miss your devotions!

So as life comes and goes, where will yours end?
Some say, “that will be it!”, But let us not pretend
Deep inside our hearts, we know we didn’t just from nowhere descend
And so, that day won’t be about how many parties or services you did attend
Neither will it be about who came and left, but if you remembered with the world not to blend
My love, let your heart be right with God, you don’t have to go with the trend
Because darling,when that time comes, I mean at the end,
You alone will face the creator, no one to defend
So why don’t you give your life now, for Him to mend
That is the best, for you I can recommend
The way He works, you, nobody, I, cannot comprehend
His helping hand to you he’ll always lend
Anytime, any season, His love is real, on Him you can doubtlessly depend
He will never leave you nor let you down, run to Him my friend; before your end!

And who knows the end but Him?The only time is now!

To live your life,enjoy it,have fun,let all look at you and admire with a wow!
Just because they see God’s light shining in you, one that will drive them to take a bow!
Do something, Be diligent, let the world look at you and question “how”?
And as you live for Jesus, GREAT,is not even equal to what He has to endow
For a life without influence from you He will never allow!
And at the end of this life,the next will come with the fulfillment of each written vow.
But it all matters, my love, how you live your life now!!!!!

Don’t Just exist, live, live for Jesus,leave a mark.He is real.
Don’t focus much on the life’s passing wind,eternity is real!
Don’t be broken that they left, rejoice that His love is real!
Don’t try to fit in to look “normal”,ah ah,be authentic, keep it real!
Don’t be deceived about the end, it is real!
Don’t wait for it to get you off guard,prepare for it a great deal!
Life is real,so is death;and the greatest;GOD IS REAL!





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