Dear African Brother


It is with great love that I write to you, trusting and believing you are fine. First, I thank God for the

opportunity to talk to you using this piece of writing.

I don’t think we have met before, but I have seen you in one way or another. Maybe in the street, at the

market, metro, name them all. Every time I see you, I see my mother land, Africa, in disguise. Do you

know, that, you could be the only African someone will ever interact with in their life? What do I mean?

I mean you alone, could be used to make a general remark regarding Africa.

Our continent, our mama Africa, has already been painted black, but both you and I know that it is only

one side of the story. Africa is great, with great countries, people and personalities. And, WE(YOU AND I)

are the personalities.

So how are we representing Africa? What conclusion will someone make about Africa after they watch

us? Will there be some light in the dark side of the story, or will it even darken what they already have in

mind about us? It hurts me to the core of my heart, to see a helpless drunk African man by the street. It

hurts me, to see any black fellow fighting by the roadside, or just aimless about the city. I ask myself;

• what do we live for?

• Why are we here?

• Is there anyone back at home/Africa looking up to us? What are we giving them back in return?

Will they be happy if they had an idea of what kind of life we are living?

• what do we have to show for our life? What will we be remembered for when our time is out?

• Is this the best life we can live?

As Africans in a foreign country, we are the ambassadors of our continent. It doesn’t matter where we

are, what we do. Why don’t we choose to be the best we can wherever we are and change the image

of Africa? If it is in the market for instance, be the best. Let those selling around you see a difference in

you. Challenge those around you that they will want to be like you. When you do that, our mama Africa

is getting another image, a better one. Wherever you are, let the world know who Africa really is, and

who Africans are. Don’t be the reason every African will be painted a dark name, rather choose to be the

reason very African will be praised and be highly valued.

Drinking and all the worldly pleasures will come to pass, what will you have to show for the life you

have lived? Will you have made a difference in anyone’s life? Will you be a grace or disgrace to your

creator? family? your country? Your continent? And how about yourself? Are you content with the

life you are living? What are you doing about it?

Take your time. Think about it. It is never too late to be the best we can be. And all of us, created in the

image and likeness of God, have the ability to make this world a better place, we all have the potential

of greatness. It is in us, untapped, but the decision is ours to make, whether to awaken the greatness

and beauty in us, or to let it slowly die inside us. The bottom line is, only those who make the decision to

change, make a difference. LET IT BE YOU,MY DEAREST BROTHER.



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