Hello there, young leader!
As both you and I know, our continent Africa is in dire need of Good leadership. But where do we get them from? Are there only specific people who qualify for this? The answer is a big NO!
No one is born a leader. Those in leadership positions today did something to get themselves there. Do you want to see change in our continent? Are you not satisfied with the current leadership? What are you doing about it? Did you know that in you is that leader who Africa needs? It is never too early to start, neither is it too late to realize this.
Make a decision today, to start thinking as one. Imagine that you are the only person Africa is counting on for change. Believe that you have what it takes to create that change. Take action. Remind yourself each day that you are a leader, of course you are.
Who are the leaders you admire? List them, what can you learn from them? What do they do? What are their principles? Imitate them, do what they do, and start walking your way to leadership.
Remember, just like you, Leaders are not born but made. Make yourself one, better yourself by following the footsteps of Great leaders; and you will join their list!
I leave you with Napoleon Hill’s saying that “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”



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