Africa – Bits & pieces


Its a tough world out there, but there’s enough to go round if we can stop and think. Why fight when you can share?







There’s beauty in creativity. You can be happy if you can be creative enough to use what you have wisely. Happy Wedlock.










BEYONG LABOURSometimes, its not about how much energy you exact or how much labour you invest but how much of your head you can use. Your head is loaded with so much you can’t even imagine. Try sitting down to use it – think! Your head could hurt but at the end your pocket would gain.







Have you seen this one? I couldn’t hold my laughter when I first saw it, then it got me thinking hard. Do you know that even those things we don’t value can produce beauty if we add some little value to them? The problem of Africa has always been that we take our raw materials and export  to developed countries at very cheap cost. These people then add value to those products and re-export them back to us at very high prices and they get richer, while we get poorer. Imagine if we could add some value to every natural resource that God has blessed Africa with before exporting them, imagine how heavy our purses will be. Think about it and begin to take action.


3 thoughts on “Africa – Bits & pieces

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