The End

Seasons come, seasons go; and so does life; it comes and goes
But before life goes, So much happens I suppose
At least each one has had several, if not a dose
Of what life comes with, most of which we expose
And of course ,Some, we never disclose
Not to mention all life’s woes

Sometimes we choose ourselves to bind
We ignore the spirit, and accept to be led by the mind
Closing our eyes to reality, pretending to be blind
Then hurt, blame, when the truth we find
That we knew what was right, but just declined
And regrets follow, when all we can do is nothing, but leave it behind.

I know not much about love
But I can tell you of His love, Him that is above
A love, so true, as pure as a dove.
Whether or not you give me a shove
His love for me is unconditional, it covers me as if with a glove
Love me or not, you cant change it, God Has me in His treasure trove

Oh darling, why do you have to cry?
She left? He ignored or hurt you? Is that why the sigh?
Take it easy love, don’t you know you can look up to the sky?
It is not easy you say, I agree; but have you given it a try?
Well, just leave it to Him who has the answers to any why
And He will wipe away your tears dry.
Learn His principles love, and don’t forget to apply!

You don’t drown in the pond, after swimming in an ocean!
And if that happens to you my love, I advice you check your motion
I believe in change of levels, at least work for a promotion
My friend, in life, never settle for demotion
God forbid! I mean that is not your potion
Trust Him, do not miss your devotions!

So as life comes and goes, where will yours end?
Some say, “that will be it!”, But let us not pretend
Deep inside our hearts, we know we didn’t just from nowhere descend
And so, that day won’t be about how many parties or services you did attend
Neither will it be about who came and left, but if you remembered with the world not to blend
My love, let your heart be right with God, you don’t have to go with the trend
Because darling,when that time comes, I mean at the end,
You alone will face the creator, no one to defend
So why don’t you give your life now, for Him to mend
That is the best, for you I can recommend
The way He works, you, nobody, I, cannot comprehend
His helping hand to you he’ll always lend
Anytime, any season, His love is real, on Him you can doubtlessly depend
He will never leave you nor let you down, run to Him my friend; before your end!

And who knows the end but Him?The only time is now!

To live your life,enjoy it,have fun,let all look at you and admire with a wow!
Just because they see God’s light shining in you, one that will drive them to take a bow!
Do something, Be diligent, let the world look at you and question “how”?
And as you live for Jesus, GREAT,is not even equal to what He has to endow
For a life without influence from you He will never allow!
And at the end of this life,the next will come with the fulfillment of each written vow.
But it all matters, my love, how you live your life now!!!!!

Don’t Just exist, live, live for Jesus,leave a mark.He is real.
Don’t focus much on the life’s passing wind,eternity is real!
Don’t be broken that they left, rejoice that His love is real!
Don’t try to fit in to look “normal”,ah ah,be authentic, keep it real!
Don’t be deceived about the end, it is real!
Don’t wait for it to get you off guard,prepare for it a great deal!
Life is real,so is death;and the greatest;GOD IS REAL!



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