Trail Blazers



The Four  Dimensions Of  The word of God is a spirit filled word from the Lord for those who have unquenchable desires for God and for His Glory. This book will speak to every facet of your body, soul and spirit. Be assured; It will awaken that divine seed in you, build you up in faith, and help move you from one level of glory to another. This book is about revealing to you some truths that you have never known before. The treasure in you will be brought to light and God will unveil to you the secret of a life of exploits in Christ. Some of the things you will learn in this book are: The 4 dimensions of the word of God, Stages of Growth, kinds of Knowledge, and fulfilling your divine purpose, Epignosis, just to name a few.

“The Four Dimensions is an insightful analysis of the gospel and it’s practical implications for a life of true discipleship. I recommend this man of God and this book to you. “Rory Kaye, CEO International Arts & Media,Gothenburg, Sweden

“This book is important for every disciple of Christ, as we live by the Word of God and Minister John has given us more insight in this book on the Word of God. ” Pastor Bose Adelaja, Kiev Ukraine

“This is a must read book for anyone; whether you are a believer or not, a minister of the Gospel or even a businessman. John took his time to explain detail truths about the Word of God. I call it God’s word Injection.” Rev. Paul Bokwe, Ohio- USA

“This book is therefore a must read for any Christian who wants to excel in life and Ministry. It has not only shed more light on putting our faith on the word but has gone ahead to show the depths and dimensions of the word …. “Kezie Nwachukwu, Embassy of Nigeria, Kiev-Ukraine


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