Depart From YouR Comfort Zone

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Do you know that for God to prepare you for your assignment, He has to take you away from your comfort zone?  Your comfort zone does not necessarily mean your place of pleasure but where you are comfortable, the things, people, places and ideas/thoughts you are used to. For God to use you, He will introduce you to new things, people, places, ideas/thoughts that will shape your new life. The old people, places, ideas/thoughts etc shaped your old life which God wants to change. Isa 43:19

Isa 43:19

  • For Abraham to fulfill God’s plan, he had to leave the comfort of his father’s house, the people he knew, his old ideas etc.  Gen 12:1-4
  • For Joseph to fulfill God’s plan, he had to leave his father’s house to Egypt. Gen 37:36
  • David had to leave the comfort of his father’s house and the job he knew to enter Saul’s service. 1 Sam 16:19
  • Also, Jesus left the comfort of heaven and the throne to fulfill His purpose. Phil 2:5-11

All the above-mentioned became successful, great and impacted humanity because they left their comfort zones to carry out the new assignment God gave them. Can you imagine what would have happened if Moses had remained in Pharaoh’s house, Joseph remained in Canaan, David remained with the sheep or Jesus remained in heaven?

In the Young Initiative For Africa (YIFA), God has called us to change the fortune of Africa for Himself by changing the mindset of African youths, who are the leaders of tomorrow. I don’t know what you see about yourself? What is your own assignment here on earth? What has God called you to do? What is that thing you are built for that makes you possess such unique talent, gift or qualities? If you don’t know, then you need to find out – keep reading this column. If you already know, then you will be itching to move forward.

The hard news is that success in that assignment requires leaving that your comfort zone and taking the leap into your future. This will require your time, energy, talent/gifting, resources, knowledge, prayers etc. God will never send you on an assignment to use you, rather, He wants to make you and bless you just as He did to the above-mentioned. Make up your mind now, do you want to die the way you are-in your comfort without fulfilling your dreams or will you rather come out of that comfort zone, dare that dream and give it a shot? It all depends on you, think about it, think deep and you will soon be free.



Have you wondered why everyone on earth is different from the other? Do you know that even the most identical twins still have differences? This because you are made a unique and special person and there is no one like you anywhere in the world. “Oh that man/woman looks like me” you may say. But he/she is not you. Perhaps, you may have realized that what makes you unique is that you have something no other person has. Could be your looks, way of behavior, what you can do better than others, some special talents, your thinking pattern etc.

As you ponder on this, do you also realize that as many unique people as there are on earth, just like you, so are the many unique problems and challenges available? May be, you could begin to make the connections that these unique problems has to do with your uniqueness. Don’t you realize that because there is a unique problem no other person can solve, God has also made a unique person like you to solve it? Which means, you are not here on earth by accident after all? And that you are not one nonentity or useless person somewhere in that corner. Rather, you are a star waiting to shine, the person that your world has been waiting for, the champion that is yet to emerge, the David that is yet to kill a Goliath.

What are you then sitting there and waiting for? Yes, you are not sure you can do it. You think you are about to plunge into the unknown, an arena fit only for the brave, the giants, the great and the villain. Hmmm! But you are one after all. Don’t look at that man/woman around the corner, make a move and be free. Your generations will judge you, your nation, society and family will judge you if you don’t make this move. And most of all, that thing that God has given to you to use and change your world, make your world better, that thing that makes you unique, will also judge you. It is time to take that step, make that move. What has God put inside of you? You have to look inwards now, draw it out and a STAR IS BORN. Psalm 139:14, Joshua 1: 1-8, 1 Peter 2:9, Romans 8:19, Isaiah 60:1-3


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