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In our world today, there are many conceptions and ideas surrounding the word leadership. Everyone believed to be a leader even when he or she is not capable of taking responsibility in the domain whereby he or she is placed. If we are faced with a situation it is likely due to the result of leadership. We are not talking about a single person but the leadership responsibility of everyone involved. Leadership is the result of all not the responsibility of a single person with a title or a group of people with titles. If everyone knows that he or she has the leadership responsibility to act in his place of influence, then the result will be inevitable. Whether you are a member of a certain bureau or not you have a leadership responsibility to act on.

 When we talk of leaders people mostly have the idea of seniority, authority, government, hierarchy, etc. This actually doesn’t reject the fact that such components are not necessary to make or refer to a leader. The major problems we have in Africa today is not the lack of resources, man power, capital, market, etc. it is lack of leadership. Everyone has shifted his or her responsibility to a group of people or a particular person called a leader(s) thus the result become chaos. In this section we will be exhausting ourselves and examine some of the keys factors that make one a leader.

Everyone is born with the potential to become a leader, we only become leaders when we developed that potential in us and make a maximum use of it in our sphere of influence.

Leader is common


Are leaders borne or made?

“Leaders are made not borne”. This is a popular statement in the realm of leadership studies. When God created man the scripture says he gave man the power to rule the earth;

“God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Gen 1:28

The 26th verse says” Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule…”

First God made man in his image and his likeness. That means man was created not like something else but like God. If we want to know how man is created or who man is like, let’s look at God. God is the prototype from which man was made.

God is a Creator. He has that creative ability in him. Therefore means man is a creator he also has that creative ability in him.

God can foresee the future. He predestinated man and created man for a purpose. Therefore man can predict or foresee the future or destiny since he has that ability in him.

God created everything in a system, he made every to function in order. He made the day and the night and put all things on cause. Man can create a system and put everything on cause.

Let me make this point clear, do you know that since the day God created the earth, he never went back to recreate anything again. He finished his work forever and rested on the seventh day. Everything he created he made a system whereby things are meant to recreate or reproduce by themselves.  Only two persons were created (Adam and Eve), as a result of this recreation or reproduction, we have many Adams and Eves today. This is what a system can do. Man therefore has this likeness in him.

Everybody was borne with that leadership potential in him. You simply become a Leader by tapping and working that creative ability that lies deep in the insight of you. Leadership is not luck or gambling. It is the result of work. I have seen people who assume that there are born leaders. They automatically think that they know everything and do nothing to build that potential in them.

In my country, I have seen top deputy mayors, government officials, who really know nothing about the position in which they are holding. They were raise to such level by political influence, connection, and so on. Here leadership is all about whom you know not what you know. However, this is a fallacy and the result of chaos we have in our world today.


Five Level of Leadership By John Maxwell

  1. Position Level:

The Key word is rights. We all get a leadership position. A position doesn’t make you a leader.  We all start with tittles. If you are a leader it can give you a position but it doesn’t make you a leader.

The downside: the people who follow you will always give you the least of their time, effort, etc.  This is the least of people’s energy and time.

You wonder and ask “Why I mine not getting the best out my people?” It is because the only reason people are following is due to the fact that you only have a tittle.

2.The Permission Level:

The key word is relationship. Here you are connected to the people. People follow you not because of your tittle; here you have a relationship with the people though you have a tittle. Relationships with people are the foundation of leadership. Leadership is influence and you can’t influence someone you antagonize.

Three things they do so well:   They 1. Listen well.   2. They observe   3. They are learning and in this process they know how to serve and they love serving.

You have to grow beyond your position!

3. The Production Level:

The keyword is result: Here you are effective as a leader. Your leadership begins to gain credibility. You begin to attract people to produce.  Note the law of magnetism “You attract who you are not who you want”. Here who you are as a leader is who you attract in your team. You need to have momentum. It is where problem solving is taking place. It is a problem solver, that’s why momentum is necessary to keep going.

4. The People Development Level:

People are the best asset you have. You grow a company by growing people.

The key to developing people is

  1. Recruitment: 80% of your success depends on who you bring in, who you recruit. You must have a clear picture of who you are looking for in your team.
  2. Positioning: Successful people have always position themselves well and as well position others well. You find your niche and stay on it.
  3. Observation: A leader here is always watching at the people. No matter how talented you are, if you have a position, you’ll never reach your potential.
  4. 5. The Pinnacle Level:

Key word: Respect. People follow you for who you are. You have long developed yourself to attain this level.

Conclusion: You may ask yourself which level am I .  You are in a different level with different People. You can take an assignment by simply write down the name of the people you lead and ask yourself a simply question: What level am I on with this person?

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Capacity and Character

By Bishop David Oyedepo   

“Success is a matter of luck, ask any failure”. There is no great story without a great price behind it. “If wishes were houses beggars will ride”.

You don’t pray into leadership. Africa is a praying continent. The two largest religions in Africa pray. Prayer will help you understand the work you are to do. There is no way you can pray yourself into leadership. You don’t pray for it, you work at it. It is not about wishing it to happen it I about working it.

You don’t do anything to fall, you just release yourself and you fall. You don’t need to do anything to fail. In order to fail in an exam for example, you just don’t need to do anything. You simply go to the examination hall without preparation and you will fail.

“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?” Luke 14:28

Life is a race. It is the smart runner that wins the prize. There are two essentials things that we need in leadership:

Capacity and Character.

“Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.” Acts 6:12

There is gross capacity deficiency in Africa. We need to dress these two issues before we can compete favorably in this global world. The lack of character and capacity put you off the race of leadership.

Leadership covenants

What must I do to emerge a leader? Everybody has a leadership potential in him. No matter how hard you pray, if you don’t consider the steps, you won’t get to the top.


Knowing where you are going is essential. It is the number step to the platform of leadership Ecclesiastes 10:5-18. It is direction. Until purpose is defined, leadership can’t have expression. Don’t be satisfied with survival, look further for impact. People have gone to the moon, now on Mars; meanwhile we are still struggling with the earth as a continent, Africa. Three ways to know where you belong:

  1. Heavenly vision,
  2. Discover a gifting in you,
  3. Burning Passion. Your passion in most cases is like a pointer to the problem you were created to solve.

By Muzam

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