The Pool

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As I awaken with the gift of yet another day and prepare for the tasks at hand, I offer up this most ardent prayer:

I pray for continued clarity of purpose so that I may hold my vision steady and keep my focus on the needs and success of others, which in turn shall bring me my success.

I pray for the wisdom to expect abundance in my life, that it surrounds me and is available for the taking and to be shameless and unapologetic upon its receipt, for I deserve abundance.

I pray for a cheerful countenance, be it clear or cloudy skies and that I may radiate and infect others with my positive attitude.

I pray for the trust of others that they may recognize my sincerity and true intentions so that we may move forward together.

I pray for the strength to fend off adversity and use my desire and determination as both weapon and shield.

I pray for the courage to carry forth my convictions during the battle of business and to resist temptation to a quicker monetary result when such temptation compromises these things for which I stand.

I pray that I may be used as a lightning rod to collect the amazing ideas already present in the universe and when blessed with such inspiration, that I may be able to apply my talents and abilities to turn the power of thought into measurable advancement of my goals.

I pray to retain my childhood wonder so that I can recognize and revel in the small miracles of each day that others may miss.

I pray for an infinite supply of self-confidence for it alone fortify faith, strengthens my resolve and conquers the largest enemy I will ever face – fear.

I pray for a compassionate spirit and the patience to offer those who seek my advice and my help, my full and undivided attention.

I pray for good health and a feeling of wellbeing, and the continued desire to improve those areas of my physical life I may be neglecting in the name of my spiritual and entrepreneurial advancement.

I pray that today is a day of excellence and at its conclusion I can acknowledge and be grateful for the forward motion I have made and the growth I have experienced.

I pray most of all for the understanding and support of those closest to my heart, my family, that they will equate what may seem like endless hours of apparent pr-occupation with affairs of business to what is at the very core of my being, that which drives me, for once I achieve what I have set out in its fullest, I will become that more complete being I strive to be.

It is for these things that I pray, for I am an entrepreneur.



I decree and declare that;

I am the temple of the Holy Spirit

I am the bride of Christ

I am established by grace

I am drawn near to God by the blood of Christ

I am free from condemnation

I am reconcile to God

I am justified by faith

I am a fellow citizen with the saints and the household of God

I am a significant, contributing member of the body of Christ

I am victorious through Christ

I am purposely built and uniquely designed for success

I spiritually circumcised

I am firmly rooted, built up. And established in the faith

I am a partaker of His divine nature

I am an heir according to his promise

I am chosen of God, holy and blameless before Him in love

I am defensively clad with the armor of God

I am God’s representative in the earth realm

My body is a member of Christ

I am the righteousness of God through Christ

I have liberty in Christ

I have been blessed with spiritual blessings in heavenly places

I have been created in Christ unto good works

I am complete in Christ

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.



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