Supernatural Opportunities


PASTORS SUNDAY & BOSE ADELAJA (Pastors at Embassy of God Church, Ukraine)

2015 will be a year of Supernatural Opportunities and New Beginnings. Every new day will come with so many opportunities not just one. However many people will miss those opportunities because opportunity does not present itself as opportunity. How will these opportunities come?

  • Opportunity comes like ordinary things in an ordinary day as if nothing is happening. (In the story of Luke 19: 1-10, Jesus was passing Zaccheus’ neighbourhood on a seemingly ordinary day. Many people didn’t notice and those who noticed didn’t see it as any extraordinary thing. But Zaccheus saw it as an opportunity and jumped at it).
  • Every day will come with many opportunities, so don’t take any day as ordinary, look for at least one opportunity to grab each day.
  • Opportunity comes like challenges and pains. (It was a challenge for Zaccheus, a rich publican seen as a sinner to see Jesus because of his reputation and position but he took the challenge and the pain of climbing a tree in order to maximize the opportunity).
  • The best way to approach opportunity is to accept it as a challenge and every challenge that comes our way in 2015 must be confronted headlong.
  • Be determined to get attracted to problems and embrace challenges and when you embrace it, that challenge will turn to opportunity.
  • Some opportunities will not look attractive but you must embrace it. Don’t magnify the pains and challenges but embrace it.
  • Many opportunities will come in form of discomfort that are out to discourage you, don’t magnify the discomfort embrace it.
  • Every discomfort points to an opportunity.
  • Some opportunities will look like impossibilities but still embrace it and it will turn to blessings. Anything that will look too difficult for you in 2015, go for it.
  • Some opportunities that will come your way in 2015 will not fit into your mindset, it will be too big, inconceivable, not doable, but still embrace it.
  • Some opportunities will require you to change your attitudes or ways of doing things in order to take advantage of them. Many opportunities will require you to be flexible.
  • Some opportunities that come your way may not be for you, take them to others that can use them because whatever you do for others, some other people will do it for you.
  • Some opportunities might not bring glory to you or make you shine if you embrace them, but still embrace them and let the glory go to someone else because the glory will still come back to you.
  • Many opportunities will come your way that you will not have the resources to execute but still embrace it.
  • Opportunities require faith to yield result, act in faith because God honours faith. You need to act in faith and your testimony will follow.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you something twice in 2015. Once you hear it, be it an idea, revelation, inspiration, information etc, do your researches and get your facts about that subject, then go for it.

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